Workshop - "Merging Coordination and Biological Chemistry"
The mid-term Workshop on Merging Coordination and Biological Chemistry, held in Belgrade, September 15-16, 2023.
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Visiting University of Groningen
Prof. dr. Maja Gruden attended the Ph.D. ceremony as the Committee member of the candidate, Ph.D. student Linda Eijsink, at the University of Groningen on 23/05/2022.
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MultIChem 2022 International conference
Dr. Matija Zlatar gave a lecture "Modeling metal-ligand bonds - from ground to excited states" at the 1st International Conference "Multiscale Irradiation and Chemistry Driven Processes and Related Technologies", Boppard am Rhein.
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Visit of colleagues from Groningen
Professor Wesley Browne's visit to our group.
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