Dr. Matija Zlatar, our PI, presented our research at the EuroBIC-16 international conference in Grenoble, France (17/07-21/07). Dr. Matija Zlatar gave a talk entitled “Coordination preferences of Shiff base ligands with transition metals: DFT study.”

The European Biological lnorganic Chemistry Conference is one of the leading international meetings on bioinorganic chemistry, associated with the Society of Biological lnorganic Chemistry. The conference is held biennially in Europe but
attracts scientists from all over the world. With the participation of renowned researchers from all over the world, EuroBlC provides a unique platform to present and dlscuss the latest developments in all areas of inorganic chemistry and all fields at the interface between inorganic chemistry and life sciences. Therefore, the EuroBlCl6 was the perfect milieu for presenting the Project.  The attendance at the conference was very beneficial for disseminating our Project. In the talk, PI presented our initial results, and some of the ideas of the Project were highlighted. Valuable discussions with colleagues were made related to the ongoing and future collaborations.