From September 15-16, 2023, at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Chemistry, we have organized the Workshop “Merging Coordination and Biological Chemistry.” The Workshop consisted of five sessions:

Session 1: Biological chemistry

Session 2: Coordination chemistry

Session 3: What is needed for the bridging?

Session 4: Reflections on coordination

Session 5: Outlook and perspectives

Each session started with two session leaders having short presentations to get the discussion going. Additionally, three lectures were given on specialized topics. The Workshop was by invitation only. This Workshop gathered prominent scientists from 14 universities and 11 countries (France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Italy, USA, Taiwan, and Serbia).  The final program and list of attendees:


This meeting will lead to a scientific report for future developments, joint projects, and networking activities (COST Action, ITN network, and transnational projects). We are looking forward to enhance our collaboration!

It was a great pleasure to host colleagues from all over the world and discuss some exciting science! We hope that our guests enjoyed their time in Belgrade.